Products Motor valve, metal
The valve resists high temperatures (about 1000 C) as well as high pressure, and has furthermore good wear resitance. The length of the valve is about 10 cm.

It is placed in the explosion chamber of a car engine where it opens and closes for exhaust gases up to 2500 times a minute.

Hard-chromium improves hardness and reduce friction of the steel substrate, beside providing corrosion and wear resistance.
Danish Name Ventil til eksplosionsmotor
Category Transport, Automotive
Materials Steel (body)
Chromium (coating)
Processes Forging
Hard-chromium plating
References Galvano Wernigerode GmbH
Keywords Hardness
Corrosion resistance
Wear resistance
Low friction
High temperatures
Similar products Motor valve, ceramic
Photo Galvano Wernigerode GmbH
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