Material Titanium oxide
There are two different types of titanium oxides: TiO2, and Ti2O3. Both are almost exclusively used in the textile field as thread guides or components for textile machines for delicate yarns with medium-high stress.

TiO2 (density 4.26 kg/liter) gives low friction and wear resistance.

The Ti2O3 version (black, density 4.6 kg/liter) is furthermore an electrical conductor, and therefore allows for dissipation of electrostatic charges from yarns on textile machines (e.g. knitting machines.)
Danish Name Titanoxid
Category Ceramics, Oxide ceramics
Products Thread guide
Processes Powder technology
References Atlantic Equipment Engineers
Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price TiO2 with a minimum purity of 94% can be purchased for 50 DKK/kg. If the required purity is more than 99,8%, prices vary from 900 DKK/kg up to 56,000 DKK/kg.
Ti2O3 is more expensive, and high purity grades can cost between 6000 and 9000 DKK/kg.
Additional Info The variation of price depends on purities and amounts of material purchased.
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