Material Silicon Carbide
Silicon carbide (SiC) has very good chemical and mechanical properties, as well as high heat resistance. It tends to decompose at temperatures above 1000 C. Due to its relatively low cost it is used for large-size parts and high-volume production.

Unlike other carbides, it doesn't oxidise, and therefore it is the most diffused carbide ceramic. Mainly used for anticorrosive and high-temperature applications, as well as for wear-resistant and highly stressed machine parts.

On the other hand, its thermal conductivity, compared to other ceramics, is very high. Furthermore, because of impurities, it is semiconductive, and at high temperatures highly conductive. Pure grades are insulators but very expensive.
Danish Name Siliciumkarbid
Category Ceramics, Carbide ceramics
Products Burner nozzle
Mechanical seal
Processes Powder technology
References Atlantic Equipment Engineers
H.C. Starck GmbH & Co. KG
Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price Silicon carbide powder (99% purity) can be purchased for 150 DKK/kg. Depending on the quantities and the grade purchased, prices can be higher (up to 500 DKK/kg).
Additional Info Above 1200C, a protective silicon dioxide layer forms on the surface, reducing the rate of decomposition.
Max. use temperature: 1250C (oxidising);
E-modulus: 448 GPa;
Thermal conductivity: 67 W/mK.
Photo Schunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbH
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