Material Piezoelectric materials
They produce an electric field when exposed to a change in dimension caused by an imposed mechanical force (piezoelectric or generator effect). Conversely, an applied electric field will produce a mechanical stress (electrostrictive or motor effect).

They transform energy from mechanical to electrical and vice-versa. The stress is very small, 0.1-0.3%. They are used for sensing purposes (e.g. microphone, transducer), and for actuating applications.

Similar to piezoelectric materials are electrostrictive and magnetostrictive materials used in high prescision actuation. They are ferromagnetic materials which experience an elastic strain when subjected to an electric or magnetic field respectively.
Category Responsive (smart) materials, Mooving materials
Products Smart skis
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Similar materials Titanate Pb-La-Zi
Titanate, Pb-Zi
Lead metanobiate
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVFD)
References Piezoelectric materials
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