Material Responsive (smart) materials
"Smart" materials respond to environmental stimuli with particular changes in some variables. For that reason they are often also called responsive materials.

Depending on changes in some external conditions, "smart" materials change either their properties (mechanical, electrical, appearance), their structure or composition, or their functions.

Mostly, "smart" materials are embedded in systems whose inherent properties can be favorably changed to meet performance needs.
Danish Name Funktionsmaterialer (smart materials)
Colour changing materials Photochromic materials
Thermochromic materials
Light emitting materials Electroluminescent materials
Fluorescent materials
Phosphorescent materials
Moving materials Conducting polymers
Dielectric elastomers
Piezoelectric materials
Polymer gels
Shape memory alloys (SMA)
Self assembling materials Self assembling materials
Self diagnostic materials Optic fibres composite
Smart composites
Smart tagged composites
Temperature changing materials Thermoelectric materials
Thickness changing fluids Magneto-Rehological fluids (MRFs)
References Intelligent Materials
Smart materials workshop
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)

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