Process Oxyfuel welding (gas welding)
Can be used for most types of sheet metal welding. The welding equipment is easy to transport and does not require external power supply. It is typically slower than the electrical arc-welding processes.

A high temperature flame (normally made using acetylene gas and oxygen) is used to melt the edges of the parts that is welded together. Sometimes additional welding material needs to be added.

The equipment is often found in small workshops and automobil workshops since it is also used for heating parts and for soldering.
Danish Name Acetylensvejsning
Category Joining processes, welding and soldering
Materials Steel Brass
Typical products Automobile car body part
References Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, DTU
Price date Invenstments are firly low but specially trained workers are required and variable cost are therefore high. Best suited for small production series and repair work.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: The gas flame gives strong light (both visible and UV) and protective glasses is therefore a must.
Additional info Since both gas and oxygen is suplied by the process it can be used for under water welding.
Keywords Assembly
Free form surfaces
Smooth joints
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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