Process Brazing
Commonly used technique for joining steel parts together with nice looking joining areas. Advantages for brazing compared to welding is less heat distorsion and the possibility of joining dissimilar metals. Can furthermore be used for metals with poor weldability.

The parts are joined together using a lower melting metal as filler / binding agent and a flux for activating the surface. Only the filler and not the base material is melted. For steel is often used a combination of 50% Cu, 10% Ni and 40% Zi, that has a melting point about 900 c.

Aluminium parts can be soldered but with difficulty: The soldering agents melting point is only 10-20 degrees lower that the aluminium and there is no red-hot temperature indication like for steel.
Danish Name Slaglodning
Category Joining processes, welding and soldering
Materials Steel Stainless steel Aluminium
Typical products Bycycle frame
Cutting tools
Competing processes Soldering
Adhesive bonding
References The Force Institute
Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, DTU
Price date Fairly low cost process. In many cases are cost similar to welding.
Keywords Assembly
Free form surfaces
Smooth joints
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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