Process Turning
Turning can be used for rotational geometry and is used for both single part production and high volume production (optimized equipment). Narrow tolerances and good surface quality is possible. Advanced curved geometry is possible on NC-controled lathes

The equipment for turning operations is called a lathe. In turning the part is rotated (the speed) while the cutting tool is moved (the feed) in two directions (often called the x and z direction)
Danish Name Drejning
Category Reducing processes, Cutting
Materials Metals Plastics
Typical products Engine shaft
Motor valve
Additional info Typical turning operations are turning, facing, chamfering, cutoff, threading, drilling boring and knurling. Each operation use their own special toll e.g. a cutoff tool or a drill. A boring operation is an enlargement of a hole often using a single point cutting tool.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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