Process Sintering
Sintering is the most common technique for consolidating powders.
Essentially, it is the removal of the pores between the starting particles, combined with their growth and strong mutual bonding.

The process is carried out by heating up the "green" part at about 80% of the melting temperature, until full strength is obtained (10 min. to several hours).
The biggest problem of this technique is shrinkage which causes cracking and distortion.

There are many methods for sintering a component. The most important are: vapour-phase sintering; solid-state sintering; liquid-phase sintering; reactive liquid sintering.
Overpressure sintering uses also pressure to accelerate densification.
Danish Name Sintring
Category Mass conserving processes, Powder technology
Materials Ceramics
Metal powders
Typical products Filter for ultrafiltration
Grinding tool
Competing processes Reaction forming
References Dansk Sintermetal A/S
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