Products Filter for ultrafiltration
This ceramic filter is made of an extruded multichannel element (membrane), composed of one or several layers of porous ceramic (aluminium oxide or zirconium oxide).

These layers are bonded to each other by very strong ceramic bonds obtained by sintering, and to the support. The housing is made of electropolished stainless steel.

It is used for micro and ultrafiltration of fluids (e.g. waste-water treatments, beverage clarification) in various industries (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.)
It has high-temperature, corrosion, and chemical resistance.
Category Technical, Industrial equipment
Materials Aluminium oxide (membrane)
Stainless steel (housing)
Processes Extrusion (shaping the membrane)
Sintering (densyfing)
Electropolishing (housing)
Joining (membrane/housing)
References Societé des Céramiques Technique
Keywords Ceramics
Industrial equipment
High-pressure resistance
Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
High-temperature resistance
Photo Societé des Céramiques Technique
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