Material Aluminium oxide - Alumina
Alminium oxide is the most widely used oxide ceramic, either in pure form or as raw material to be mixed with other oxides. It is manufactured synthetically, and therefore its quality can be controlled.

Alumina (Al2O3) has mechanical and physical properties particularly suitable for electrical and thermal insulation, for cutting tools and abrasives. It also has very good anti-corrosion properties.

It can be found in different degrees of purity and crystal structures, with different properties and costs (very high for very pure grades).
Transparent alumina, used for optical applications, can also be found.
Danish Name Aluminiumoxid
Category Technical ceramics
Products Cables end terminal
Filter for ultrafiltration
Grinding tool
Head cup for hip prostheses
Sealing disc for water tap
Spark plug
Transparent dome
Processes Powder technology
Glazing (finishing)
References Atlantic Equipment Engineers
BA Chemicals Limited
Johnson Matthey GmbH
Price Alumina powder (99.9% purity) can be purchased for 100 DKK/kg. Depending on the amount purchased prices can be up to 350 DKK/kg. However, the material can be found in many different grades which can cost up to 30,000 DKK/kg.
Additional Info Colour: white or ivory (depending on type);
Max use temperature: 1600-1750C;
E-modulus: 280-370 GPa;
Thermal conductivity @ 20C: 18-36 W/mK.
Values ranging in the interval given according to the type of alumina.
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