Process Glazing & Enamelling
Used for decorative reasons as well as wear, heat, and corrosion protection. Enamelling achieves a compromise between the good properties of metals (strength) and those of glass (hardness, and chemical and temperature resistance.)

Enamels are special glass silicates (e.g. quartz, feldspar, alumina, zirconia, titanium oxide, etc.), which melt at about 1200 C.

The substrate is pre-treated and the basic glaze is applied followed by firing, dipping, and final firing. There are modern automatised techniques for high-series production (electrophoretic, electrostatic powder, or liquid enamelling.)
Danish Name Emaljering
Category Surface processes, plating
Materials Substrates:
Cast iron
Quartz, Metal oxides
Typical products Ceramic tile
Frying pan
Street sign
References Deutches EMAIL-Zentrum
Environmen- tal notes Creation: Natural and environment-friendly raw materials.

Disposal: Indipendently on the substrate, all glazed products are recyclable.
Photo Deutsches EMAIL-Zentrum
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