Process Powder extrusion
Profiles of all shapes can be made.
A rotating screw, together with heaters, heats the material and continously pushes it through a die with the shape of the profile. After the die, the profile is cooled by air or water and cut into desired lengths.

Water (traditional ceramics) or organic materials (technical ceramics) are added to provide adequate plasticity for forming.

The major difficulty is removing the organic material prior to firing, without causing cracks or distortions.
Production volumes are normally high.
Danish Name Pulverekstrudering
Category Mass conserving processes, Powder technology
Materials Ceramics
Metal powders
Typical products Catalityc converter for cars
Filter for ultrafiltration
Honeycomb thermal insulator
Competing processes Powder injection moulding
References NGK Ceramics Europe S.A.
Modern Ceramic Engineer
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