Process Flame spraying
There are two main methods.
Wire spraying: for corrosion protection (zinc and aluminium coatings).
Powder spraying: for wear resistant coatings.
Both are also used for restoring worn surfaces. The porosity of the coating is very high.

Flame spraying is used for materials with a high melting-point (up to 2000 C), such as most metals, and some ceramics. Coating thickness varies between 0,1 and 30 mm.

The coating material (wire or powder) melts in a oxy-acetylene flame. The particles obtained (droplets) are accelerated by a high-pressure air stream and sprayed onto the substrate.
Danish Name Flammesprøjtning
Category Surface processes, coating
Materials Coating materials:
(e.g. Zinc Aluminium Copper & alloys
Nickel & alloys Cobalt alloys)
Aluminium oxide
Zirconium oxide
Additional info Low cost equipment, and high spraying rates.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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