Process Ion implantation
Used for increasing wear and chemical resistance, for decreasing friction, and for improving injection moulding moulds and bearings lifetime (from 3 to 10 times). Doping of semiconductors is also performed by ion implantation.

As it uses very little amount of coating materials, no measure changes are brought, and net-shaping of the untreated substrate is possible. Suitable for implantation of all kind of ions in any kind of materials, at room temperature and economically.

Ions are accelerated up to a very high energy level, and then shot into the surface which has to be coated. Typical coating thickness ranges between 100 and 300 nm (not a real coating, but rather a treatment.)
Danish Name Ionimplantering
Category Surface processes, plating
Materials Substrates:
Ions currently used:
N, B, C, O, F, Al, Si, P, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Mo, Ag, Ta
Typical products Prosthesis joint
References IBS - Ion Beam Service
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