Process Gas assisted injection moulding (GAIM)
Gas assisted injection moulding is a variant of injection moulding, and is capable of producing hollow parts as well as parts with internal cavities.

The mould is first partly filled with plastic, and then air is injected into the plastic through a separate nozzle.

Since the plastic closest to the mould is cooler, the air will stay in the middle of the plastic and press it into every cavity. Trade names for the process are Cinpress and Airmould.
Danish Name Gaseftertryksstøbning
Category Mass conserving processes, Shaping plastics
Materials HDPE PA ABS PC
Typical products Handle for high pressure cleaner
Ensemble chair
Competing processes Injection moulding
References Micotron A/S
Schrøder-Plast A/S
Ferromatik Millacron A/S
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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