Process Insert moulding
Plastic parts containing metal inserts are produced using this variant of injection moulding.

Inserts made from metal or other materials are placed in the mould prior to the injection of plastic. The plastic flows around the inserts and fixes their position.

Tools investments are slightly higher than for injection moulding.
Danish Name Indsats stÝbning
Category Mass conserving processes, Shaping plastics
Materials HDPE PA ABS PC PE PP Carbon reinforced plastic
Typical products Axe
Ceramic advanced wet shave razor
Lighting component
Razor, ordinary
Razor, biodegradable
Competing processes Outsert moulding
References J.J. KŁhn A/S
Stig Ravn A/S
Senplacro A/S
Price notes Tooling costs similar to injection moulding.
Additional info Possible to achieve good dimensional accuracy and surface finish.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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