References Airglass AB
Airglass makes batch quantities of aerogels of size 60 x 60 sq. cm of 1, 2 or 3 cm by thickness.

They focuss on serving the needs of the high energy physics community, and constructors of prototypes for windows, solar collectors, fire proof doors, etc.

Contractor of the European project for the development of aerogels high insulating windows: HILIT AerogelGlazing for Window' 1998 - 2001.
Address Airglass AB
Box 150, SE-245 22 Staffanstorp Sweden
Tel. (+46) 4625 5200; Fax (+46) 4625 6920
ref. Managing director Leif Gullberg
Category Supplier/producer
Products Window pane, aerogel (Europe)
Keywords Aerogel
Solid smoke
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