Products Window pane, aerogel (Europe)
Silica aerogels can be used as transparent insulation spacer in evacuated windows for achieving low thermal heat loss while maintaining a high solar trasmittance.

This window pane is made from a 20mm thick aerogel slab sandwiched between two standard glass plates.

The main drawbacks are its optical clarity and its cost. The aerogel pane is slightly hazy, although theoretically complete transparency can be achieved.
Danish Name Vindue af aerogel materiale
Category Buildings, Construction
Materials Aerogels
References DTU, Department of Building and Energy
Airglass AB
Keywords Thermal insulation
Price 1500-1800 DKK/window. Double pane windows (for reference) 250 DKK. Price estimate from DTU, based on a potential industrial production with a 5% market share.
Environ- mental notes Creation: Positive environmental characteristics of the material and its production method.
Use: High energy savings.
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Additional information Nowadays, the price is much higher because the material has no production. Expected time to commercialization: 15-20 years.
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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