Methods Bio-inspired design (BID)

Bio-inspired design (BID) is a method to make better products with inspiration from the biological world. Nature is a gigantic eco-system that has been developed and fine tuned for several billion years. Only the best suited organisms have survived. The biological phenomena in nature therefore represents a huge database of briliant solutions to all sorts of practical challenges. Bio-inspired design is also refered to as biomimetics.

The biocard BID method developed at the Technical University of Denmark supports the design team in all phases from the initial requirements analysis to the design of the desired artefacts. The method is named after the biocards which are inspirational cards describing a functional principle for a biological phenomena.

Method The biocard BID method
The biocards
Introduction to the BID-method, a video by Gabriel Kure and Pernille Vergmann
Examples 3d Compas
References Biomimetics on Polynet
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