Material Glass filled PP
Polypropylene with small short fibres is mostly used for injection moulding of small parts, e.g. housholding articles, small components for car or automotive sector in general.

Glass fibres give PP better stiffness, although the resulting material is difficultly mouldable with tight tolerances.
Danish Name Glasfyldt polypropylen
Category Composites, Particulate composites
Products Washing machine drum
Processes Most used:
Filament winding
Injection moulding
Similar materials Glass fibre
References K.D. Feddersen & Co.
Price December 1997: For 30% glass fibres content, ca. 16 DKK/kg.
Environmen- tal notes Creation: PP does not have the same problems for the working environment as thermosettings.

Use: -

Disposal: Possibility to reuse the material, thanks to the thermoplastic matrix.
Additional Info E-modulus: ca. 6 GPa
Tensile strength: ca. 80 MPa
The properties of the material can vary according to the fibres content.
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