Process Surface treatment
Surface treatment processes change the structure of the surface adding none or very little extra material. The resulting part have improved properties (e.g. hardness or corrosion resistance) or improved surface quality (e.g. brilliance).

Cleaning processes removes undesired material from the part surface. Heat treatments changes the surface (or the whole part) hardness and fragility. Polishing evens out a rough surface and reduces the surface roughness.

Thermal diffusion processes have the purpose to increase hardness and wear resistance of a surface without applying a coating.
Danish Name Overfladebehandling,
Diffusionsprocesser (thermal diffusion)
Category Surface processes
Cleaning Sandblasting
Heat treatments Hardening
Anealing & normalization
Polishing Chemical polishing
Mechanical polishing
Thermal diffusion processes Boronising
TDP - Toyota Diffusion Process
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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