Process Plasma arc cutting
Cuts a wide range of materials. Thanks to very high cutting temperatures concentrated at a very limited area, plasma arc cutting causes a minimum of thermal distortion. Handhelt equipment is therefore well suited for manual metal working, e.g. for automobile carbody work. Is often integrated into MAG-welding equipment (CO2).

The plasma arc can cut through the material or it can be controled to cut only partly through the plate. In that way it can be used to engrave or make markings in the material.

Plasma is ionized gas at very high temperatures (30.000 C). The plasma is generated by sending a jet of gas through an electric arc.
Danish Name Plasma skæring
Category Reducing processes, Cutting
Materials Metals
Competing processes Angle grinder
Metal scissors
Laser beam cutting
Price notes Low cost investments (equipment).

Variable cost are energy, protective gas and labour wages.
Environmen- tal notes Use: Faily good working environment due to low noise and limited emission of dust and gasses.
Keywords Sheet metal cutting
Free form surfaces
Automobile body repair
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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