Process Angle grinding
Can be used for cutting in most materials, even fairly hard ones (e.g. stone). Many different geometries can be cut. The main limitation is the diameter of the thin cylindrical cutting disk. A drawback is the heat introduced to the material and the following thermal distorsions.

The equipment is normally handhelt and very well suited for manual metal working, e.g. for automobile carbody work.
Danish Name Vinkelslibning
Category Reducing processes, Cutting
Materials Metals Ceramics Composites
Competing processes Plasma cutting
Price notes Very low investment in equipment. However ventilation (medium size investment) is normally required.

Variable cost are labour wages and consumed cutting disks.
Environmen- tal notes Use: Working environment problems from dust, noise and mechanical hazards require that protection mask, glasses and gloves must be used.
Keywords Sheet metal cutting
Free form surfaces
Automobile body repair
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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