Composites are the combination of two or more materials that are essentially insoluble in each other. The basic substance or binder material is often referred to as the matrix material. The additional materials are either additives or reinforcement substances.

The properties and the structural performance of the composite material are superior to those of the constituents acting independently.

They are usually characterized by relatively great strength and stiffness.
Fibre composites
Composite typePrice (DKK/kg)Density (kg/liter)
Aramid reinforced epoxy ca. 280ca. 1.34
Carbon reinforced epoxy ca. 360ca. 1.53
Carbon reinforced PA --
Carbon reinforced PEEK ca. 530ca. 1.45
Glass reinforced phenol ca. 14ca. 1.8
Glass reinforced resins 15-301.8-2.0
Hybrid composites --

Particulate composites
Composite typePrice (DKK/kg)Density (kg/liter)
Glass filled PP ca. 16ca. 1.34
Nanocomposite metal salt --
Nanocomposite photoluminiscent --

Price Price level December 1997
The prices shown are intended to be only a rough estimate, as it is very difficult to give a specific price for matrices and reinforcements, due to their extreme variety.
Prices are an upper value, considering the fact that they are calculated for small amounts of raw materials. By purchasing large amounts of material, a noteworthy price reduction is possible.

For fibre composites, prices are calculated according to the percent in volume of weaved fibres that the considered material contains, and subsequently from a weighed average of the prices of weaved fibres and matrices.
Therefore, the price shown is the price of the actual material only if the material is reinforced with weaved fibres, otherwise just an indicative value.
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