Processes RPT - Rapid prototyping
RPT is an acronym for a group of processes capable of producing prototypes of a complex geometry in various materials (wax, plastic, metal, etc.).

The dominating types of RPT produce objects in a laminated way, i.e. layer by layer, by using CAD/NC data.
Danish Name Hurtig prototypefremstilling
Category Joining processes
Fused deposition modelling - FDM
Laminated object manufacturing - LOM
Multi Jet modelling - MJM
Selective laser sintering - SLS
Stereo lithography - SLA
Solid ground curing - SGC (cubital)
References Stereolithography and other RP&M Technologies
Price notes Price is generally proportional to the time consumption on the machine. This means that price increases with finer layer thickness, increased volume, as well as increased part height.
Keywords RPT
Rapid prototyping
Photo Thomas Nissen (Computer graphics)
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