Processes Shaping plastics
There are a number of different plastic shaping processes. With plastic moulding techniques the plastic material is melted and given its shape when cooled in a die.

The majority of plastic parts are made with plastic injection moulding techniques. It is a special type of moulding, where the moulded plastic is pressed automatically into a steel die.

Most composite materials consists partly of plastic material and processes used for shaping those are therefore also described here.
Danish Name Plast-forarbejdningsprocesser
Plastic moulding Blow moulding
Injection blow moulding
Rotation moulding
Plastic injection moulding Gas assisted injection moulding
Injection moulding
Insert moulding
Multicolour injection moulding
Outsert moulding
Push-pull injection moulding
Reaction injection moulding - RIM
Sandwich injection moulding
Plastic shaping Thermoforming (Vacuum forming)



Autoclave moulding
Matrix injection - RTM
Filament winding
Hand lay-up
Hot pressing, composites

Injection Moulding Cost Estimator
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